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    26-June 17
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☉ Added the Raids bellow on their retail locations.
☉ Shilen's Messenger Cabrio
☉ Korim
☉ Fafurion's Herald Lokness
☉ Meanas Anor
☉ Eilhalder von Hellmann
☉ Immortal Savior Mardil
☉ Water Dragon Seer Sheshark
☉ Vanor Chief Kandra
☉ Doom Blade Tanatos
☉ Death Lord Hallate
☉ Plague Golem
☉ Kernon
☉ Bloody Empress Decarbia
☉ Death Lord Ipos
☉ Last Lesser Giant Glaki
☉ Palatanos of Horrific Power
☉ Flamestone Golem
☉ Hestia Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs
☉ Implemented Primeval Isle
☉ Implemented Interlude Weapons (They're a bit better on P.Attack - M.Attack than S-Grade)
☉ Changed the Description of Unique - Pride Weapons now it's much easier to read the Bonus stats per item.
☉ Corrected base P.atk / M.Atk on weapon's description.
☉ Made Pure Silver Tradeable.
☉ Added CEWS/CEAS/BEWS/BEAS In Mysterious Merchant -> Consumables tab.
☉ Scrolls: Fixed the issues with crystal scrolls crystalizing weapons now the enchant on failure is being set back to +7.
☉ Removed rates message after enchant.
☉ Added [BETA] Tag behind player's name.
☉ Deactivated APCs.
☉ Made Interlude Weapons A-Grade.
☉ Fixed Dawn dissappearing when left hand weapon was equipped.
☉ Added Enchant Rates Description per scroll on its description.
☉ Redesigned on critical skills from Uniques:
☉ Dusk - Magic Madness - 3%
☉ Einhasad Warrior Sword - Critical Hex - 6%
☉ Axe of the Ketra Orc Chieftain - Critical Stun - 6%
☉ Shadow of Halisha - Critical Silence - 6%
☉ Vampire Warrior Greatsword - Critical Silence - 6%
☉ Venom Sword - Critical Silence - 6%
☉ Soul Snatcher Sickle - Critical Drain LvL 2 - 6%
☉ Heretic Priest Kukri - Critical  Hex - 6%
☉ Heretic Unholy Mace - Critical  Stun - 6%,
☉ Lidia Von Helmann Sword - Critical  Slow - 6%
☉ Apostle Grail Spear - Critical  Bluff - 6%
☉ Ghost Fists    Critical -  Stun - 2%
☉ Forgotten BladeForgotten Blade    Focus - Critical  Stun - 2%
☉ Forgotten BladeForgotten Blade    Haste - Critical  Stun - 2%
☉  Fixed Triple Sonic Slash bug being able to be casted from every type of weapon, no more.
☉  Decreased Unique Jewel's price to gold.
☉  Slightly boosted M.Def from buffs.
☉  Nerfed Titan's Critical Rate.
☉  Slightly boosted Bladedancers Base Stats.
☉  Boosted Dark Elf / Elf Daggers Base Stats boost.
☉  Boosted Dark Elf / Elf Archers Base Stats boost.
☉  Removed cooldown message from chat window it was annoying to get spammed from it, moved right above skillbars.
☉  Decreased Min. Debuff chance to 30, increased Max Debuff Chance to 80 from 35 and 75 respectively.
☉  Added Easy-Testing Dummy in Gludin behind the Buffer.
☉  Fixed Spawn Protection some times not working correctly.
☉  Fixed a bug where Resurrections in Gludin would give Spawn Protection to the target.
☉  Parties or size of 3 or more won't have Spawn Protection anymore
☉  Flagged Healers that die with at least one party member flagged (globally) will have their respawn timer increased x5
☉  Decreased the total damage output of Mages, Archers and a few skills to make PvPs last longer
☉  Decreased Aura Flash range from 600 to 60 (auto hit range) and increased stun duration from 1 to 2 seconds.
◥At a 20 kills killing spree you will be able to:
☉  Grab a weapon of choice from the hero manager. (only once)
☉  The weapon will be +16 and will have simmilar stats to its equal pride tier
☉  The hero weapon can only be destroyed from real heroes.
☉  Add hero skills Race  + Heroic
☉  Clean heroic skils and items after a restart or death
☉  Dualbox can't heal now
☉  Extra BPs that are flagged on a party will make reduced heal, up to 60% less
☉  Events are fixed again, we have to test now on live
☉  Events give PvPs that can trigger Enchants / Synergy
☉  Increased Domi stats :   +10% Casting speed , +10% matk
☉  Blocked few known bots : adrenaline, tower, farm, clicker
☉  You can't register on an event with Dual Box, only 1 register per PC (HWID method, not IP)
☉  PvP Antifeed enabled based on HWID
☉  Heals now aggro monsters
☉  PvP Token for every PvP kill + target's spree
☉  Fixed CTF Bugs
☉  Fixed Raidboss Announcement stuck
☉  Fixed ranged geodata bug
☉  Dissabled NextTarget
☉  Fixed DMs not hiding player identity properly
☉  Added monster Cadaverous Image (hard Solo TG farm)
☉  Added Adena drops to Night Spawns
☉  Some nightspawns may appear in day (random)
☉  Rykros can now be obtained mainly with PvP Tokens
☉  Enabled warehouse freight
☉  Fixed Sieges not applying Chaotic Zone / PvP Zone
☉  Pride and above items can not be enchanted with normal scrolls anymore
☉  Crystal Scrolls now have -5% enchant rate instead of -10%
☉  Blessed Scrolls now have +15% enchant rate instead of +10%
☉  Overall enchant rate bellow +18 +5%
☉  Fixed AntiFeed PvP restrictions some times not working correctly
☉  Events now give PvP Tokens (Ez Rykros)
☉  Changed Spree required kills from 20 to 30
☉  Spree Message for every PvP after 3 kills
☉  Fixed a bug where aborting an Event would leave some players paralyzed
◥Minor PvE Changes
☉  Dread Knight / Archer of Despair -10K HP
☉  Dog Hound / Invader -100K HP
☉  Glab / Cruel -200K HP





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    26-June 17
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Implemented all the main windows that are called from the new L2 Classic Menu:


Enlarged inventory window with sorting button:







4*Socketed Shortcut Window:



 L2 Classic Maps For All Towns :


Bind Keys to Shortcuts:
Checkboxes have tooltips!


Party & Trade Buttons:
Don't spawn on NPC/Mob/Object/You!


New! Alternative Class Party Icons:

I think it's all clear smile.png


New! Clip Style Party Window:

Full-Size HP Bar in a Compact Form.


Some functions are implemented from later chronicles.

New! Auto Align Buff:

Sorts Abnormals in Rows:
Buff / Songs & Dance / Debuff.


New! Noblesse Transfer:

Moves Noblesse from Normal Row to Debuff Row.
Displays in Debuffs.
Remains Buff.


New! Timers on Debuff:



New! Dynamic Resizing Abnormal:

Max - 24 Pixel (Default) / Mid - 20 Pixel / Min - 16 Pixel.


New! OnScreen Events From L2 Classic:


New! Chat Tranparensy:

Backgound Tranparensy 100%
Text Transparensy 50%



New! Shift + Click on item
Show Item Name, Enchant and SA.
Or Quantity (If stackable)
Save Current Chat Prefix and Text


Trading is Now Easy 


Implemented L2 Classic Chat Design.

Stretchable System Chat.


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